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GDT Wins

The official story:
GDT was so confident in their imminent victory, they did not bring a rope. Reporter sensed this confidence and chickened out.

The real story:
I didn't know that the SLC was going to be closed today, so I couldn't get the rope. Reporter chickened out.

Party was fun. Lots of other people got very drunk (especially Josh, but Gary was highly sloshed). I was not annoyed by the drunkenness as I often am. I will really miss Gary and Dan. I can't believe that I have to keep GDT alive next year. I probably won't do a good job of it, at all.
I've adopted the drunken speech, stance, and typing skills (this is taking way too long, and the backspace key is getting way too much attention). faboo is very very drunk.

In the end. In the end it is the same as before, alone in my room, craving a warm kind body to hold.

But at least I had a good night.


Note about the mood... I, as usual, did no substances, but as I mentioned before, probably the best description for my mood is contained below.
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