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It's Done!!

Well, I finished rearranging the room. Many thanx to all who helped me, especially codepoet, who lent me the tool that will save my feet from undue pain. I'm slightly concerned now that I can see my bed from my computer that I will be less likely to want to work for hours on end when I should be sleeping. Well we'll see what happens.

~~Dinner calls, I'll brb~~

Just realized I still have a bit more cleaning to do, but not unmanageable amounts. I might just play some counterstrike. The server's probably opening up a lot because a lot of people are leaving for break. Well, good luck to me.

The Chem Test:
The Comprehensive final was somewhat hard. After it, we had the option to stay and take test 4 or not. I stayed. And that was good. Test 4 was so much easier than the final. He drops the lowest grade, and that means that easy test 4 should fix the final or one of my low B's. I pity the fools who didn't take exam 4.

Otherwise, from napping after the exam, and rearranging the room, I haven't done much today. Sorry for those of you who were under the delusion that my life is interesting. It sometimes is, and thats good, but it usually isn't, and thats good too. "The Middle Path" as I (and Buddha) always say.

I'll comment on the results of my first poll imminently, but I'll give y'all a good chance to take it... last few hours... you know you want to take it!


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