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This line intentionally left blank


What Dogma character are you?
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So I have been doing a wonderful shitty job of doing either the reading or the writing that I should do. Good news: I'm still kinda ahead on GDT, and I think I just found a good site to do for Reporter this week. Bad news: Fractals need to get read about, I didn't go outside today (except to take out the trash and check the mail), and I haven't even checked to see if I have any real homework that is due Monday-ish.

Spinning wheels.

Which influential yet unknown 1940's computer would you hack on?

brought to you by Quizilla

Sometimes I wonder if I'm being intentionally dense to myself.
I also wonder how it could be possible for me to be even more antisocial and passive-aggressive, but I then realize, its a kettle/pot kind of problem.
And I wonder other things that I don't even want to think about, and you don't want to read.

I think I will go and head to bother stoneliongrowl and his catmandux.


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