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That Monkey, that Funky Monkey

Lust -- 'Nuff said.

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

A prayer for George Bush, even though I'm not a praying man, as should be obvious by now.

Now that I took that deadly sin quiz, I'm curious as to what the more... traditionally moral among us would score (*cough*codepoet*cough*).

"I despair, too, for my country. The 'us or them' administration is sowing the seeds of hatred between America and the rest of the world, and, most terribly, between Americans. Thank goodness Bush is right about one thing: ' ... there's power, wonder-working power, in the goodness and idealism and faith of the American people.'"

This one is for my dearest naughtyelfling. Fight corruption. It will hurt, but when the pain is through, you will have won.

And I should sleep more often. Yes I should.

And I found a GPLed project whose useless frontpage was designed by MS frontpage. Scary, yet apt.

codepoet and faboo have plans not involving RIT this weekend. Have fun guys! But if the new Naruto comes out while you're away, Ed... I dunno... I'll think up a punishment later :-)

This post is nearly entirely one sentance paragraphs and links. Gods am I such a shitty writer. Not as bad as this guy, can, we, say, comma, and, "and," abuse? I, knew, you, could.
Still, better than the worst is not good. I try to write things of meaning to others than myself (when I'm not writing in LJ, of course). I doubt I even get meaning enough down for me.

I bought Not Another Teen Movie yesterday. Should be a good laugh. I saw it last year in the theatre (I think, unless I'm inventing history again), so the jokes should all be relatively newish to me, and there's tons of extra features on the disc, so yay.

And I have to start reading my fractal compression books.

Lunch screams my name like yo mamma did last night.


Just kidding, but it sounds funny, doesn't it?


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