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What do you write when you have nothing to write?


So here I am, sitting, getting quickly tired and pretending I know enough chemistry to get an A. I do know enough chemistry to get an A. Shaun's behind me studying for his Calc II exam. I should know more of his curriculum. Ah well.

I had a craving to write in LJ now, but I don't really have anything to cover. I promise, no more quizzes for at least a week (very easily kept promise, because once I get home, webbing gets slower)! Yah, I'm going home soon. I can't wait to see all my Bx Sci friends again! I've decided to put off my WTC visit until after thanksgiving. Its mainly for selfish reasons, but almost valid. I've only got one day with all of them (incl. last year's sr.'s), and thats Wednesday. Ergo, since the rubble will still be there for long after (and may whatever misguided god that told them to do such force them to rot in whatever is worse than their worst concept of hell for longer than eternity).

I'm always astonished at the sheer volume of what comes out of me when I turn off all filters between my fingers and brain....

Anyways... thats just about enough randomness for tonite. I will be changing my room about tommorrow after my chem final, so that I may have a down bed, and freak the crap out of Bill ;-). Yah, its evil, for him to come back to a different room than when he left, but it should prove entertaining :-).


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