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Got Spine?

This open letter (its at the bottom of the page) to GDT is what we like to call "passive aggressive." One does not generally have to send open letters to a publication that is different than the first publication. (By the way, the letter is referencing the drinking game from V.25, iss. 4, "Root Beer".)

You send open letters for publications to publish because the individual or organization you are sending the letter to has no responsibility or reputation for displaying complaints against them in a public forum. GDT prints each and every letter we receive, without editing for length, grammar, punctuation, spelling or content, which is more than I can say for Reporter. Don't get me wrong, Reporter has it's place and function, but "give to Caesar what is Caesar's," [Mark 12:17] where Caesar is GDT.

Pardon the rant, but when I read that in class this morning, I almost shouted, "You spineless prick!" at the letter. Which would have been bad.

And I find myself wondering about the quality of the writer's grammar and spelling. Could he withstand our standards? And it also explains the letter we got this week. How strange, its almost as though he knew that such a letter was being written to Reporter. ::turns off the conspiracy theorist::

I have signed up to live in my apartment over this summer. Next, I will register for classes for Summer and Fall. And I must get super cracking to get a co-op for this upcoming Winter (lets see if I can be ridiculously over-prepared for the résumé thing.

And LaTeX is awesome!

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