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zsparke forgot her cookies!

So people (zsparke, b55b55, faboo, codepoet) IM me and tell me they are bored or hungry or sleepy. So I tell them, well, I have food. And People. So there was rice and veggies. Then there were COOKIES!!! But zsparke has left hers at my apartment.

She must hurry and retrieve them, or I cannot be held responsible for my actions.

Good times last night. Cookies are joy.

I haven't been writing as often in here as I should. I can feel it being a little awkward again. Really annoying. Tonight is a super special folding at McGregors. Should be fun.

Today is the first day of the Campus Connections "Sidewalk Sale." Perhaps I can get a good WiFi card for cheap there.

I've got an hour until class. Sounds like a plan.


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