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So you want sincere inner dialogue? Fine! ;-)

I recently got a comment (as in on my last post within the past few hours) that I should stop posting my quiz results and start posting inner dialogue again. Sorry about all those posts with just quiz results... I've been having a lot of sugar lately. Also, I've been obsessed with the meme page for a day or two now. I'm mostly over it, too.

Now on to the inner dialogue and raw data of my life. Yesterday, I took my psych final. The man wouldn't know how to make a hard test if it bit him! This, of course, is a good thing, except when you break out laughing in the middle of the exam. Then I started work on my writing and lit final paper, due today at noon. It eventually finished around 1 and change. Not because it was long (600-750 wds) but because I didn't want to do it, and almost no one else had papers to do. Well, okay, Bill[roommate] and [nonpoka]Heather did. And theirs were huge. Heather started and finished hers around the same time, and she had three one thousand word papers to write up, all having to be well researched and referenced. Bill, on the other hand, had to write seven to ten pages, and pulled an all nighter. We left at 11am to drop off the papers, and Bill went to sleep. I've decided to stay up so I can go to bed early tonight for my chem final at 9:15 tomorrow morning.

Bill's leaving tonight for his dad's house somewhere upstate. I'm going to change my side of the room after he's left. Any RIT ppl, especially Baker A/C people, who knows they will be bored and want to help, be my guest. I think it'll freak him out good :-). I want a lowered bed, like his, and we discussed a way to do this... its just going to take awhile.

Also, Ed, I'm copying 8 of your Trigun episodes. This'll take a good long while, so please don't kill your comp, thanx. I need to have something to watch at home when I should be writing up Reporter articles ;-).

and now for a reader response:
Poll #10371 Yes, I know I stole it from another test, but its funny!

Do you know how to use drop-down menus?





Update: Sorry, the poll isn't working right because of the way LJ interprets <lj-poll> and their drop questions automatically insert a blank answer as default. The default answer was supposed to be yes, and then you had to use the drop down menu to say you didn't know how to use them....
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