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Frozen Hair

When my hair is shorter, freezing it feels warmer. This is a good thing.

I decided to bring Landslide to Engineering math, in hopes of doing something nearly productive, like writing this, during this hour.

She's more comprehensible when I'm not paying her full attention. Go fig.

Oh, I forgot to evaluate my classes so far.

Engineering Math. I'm sure the class will get more difficult, but she could have really covered all the stuff she's done so far in one day, not the three she has taken.
Electronics ][ is good. Its got Madhu, so I know I will learn the necessary material, but I will have to forfeit a good portion of my life to his homework.
Linear systems I is nifty. Has Amuso, who is awesome. And funny because he's always like, "So we're electrical engineers -- the best major -- and so we'd be caring about voltage versus time...."
Analogy, Poetry and Mathematics seems pretty cool. I'm working hard to participate in class, the general RIT anti-talking aura is surprisingly strong in this class, which you would think the other way.
I haven't taken a CPR class yet, but I know the prof, and it will probably be the same as last year.

At least I have the laptop. I can surf the Intarweb and keep myself entertained, at least a little.

Okay, so I'm done with this for now.
Sorry for not updating much, there were those (*cough* zsparke *cough*) who felt I wasn't entertaining them enough with the LJ. So, to you I say, :-P
I'm afraid its another case of seeming to only use LJ when I'm really happy or really sad. I've just been okay of late, so nothing much to say.
I almost feel like using LJ like that is an abuse of it, and a waste of my paid fees. Like it seems a little dirty. Oh well.

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