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Today (DreamLog)

So, I actually had a dream or two today. How very strange. I think it was because I slept in (no labs on the first week).

So the first one was just me and my father, sitting in a bar and talking. At the end, I realized where we were, and I was suspicious of him.

The second was strange. There were four of us. I knew they were RIT people, but I now cannot remember who they were (if I ever knew). We were in NYC, and I was bragging about how we have the longest railroad bridge in the world. Then we were there, on top of it. For some reason, I had a lot of vertigo, and I didn't want to go off the first tower. One of my friends stayed with me, while the other two walked away on the bridge. I wanted to join them, but the bridge was very very thin beyond the first tower. In fact, it seemed about one foot wide, which is way, way too small to handle the kind of rail traffic that bridge gets.

And then I woke up, 5 seconds before my alarm, with an intense desire to go to the bathroom.

Anyways, Linear Systems was good. I remember learning something in Electronics that seemed really nifty yesterday, I think it was the "mirror" current sources. Very cool they were, especially because I figured out the implications before Madhu went over them, so I was all like, "woah," like Keanu Reeves.

In yet other news, The Eyes have been particularly annoying today. Stupid returning sunlight telling my body that it's getting to be mating season for the humans, or, as the poets say, "Ahh, springtime, when every young man's thoughts turn to love," or something like that.


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