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Wasted Daylight

So. I woke up naturally around 12:45. Ate breakfast. Went to sleep.
Woke up again around 5:45. I virtually missed all the daylight for today. I'm going to have a bitch of a time falling asleep tonight.

Just tried to start playing my Gate Keepers 21 rips. All the subs are in Chinese. BUGGERY. I need to get a fucking DC client that works in *i*x. Any tips? (DC++ in wine just breaks if I run it twice.) (Oh, and no, "Why don't you just use Windows, like everyone else?" posts. My computer is not ruled by majority, I am the Dictator!)

Id-less existence is possible. Just ask the authors of Why God Won't Go Away. However, it doesn't last long. I think it would be really nice to live without want. Not that every desire of mine would be satisfied, but instead, that I would desire nothing.

Anyways, faboo is driving over to bring myself and codepoet to Tom's fooding.

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