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Watched Naruto up to 19. That aired Thursday in Japan. Thank you codepoet, for getting me hooked on anime that isn't even finished yet! :-P

In other news, I don't really think that today (yes, I know its the 15th now, and not what i actually mean by "today") has ever meant less to me than now.
In elementary school, I gave (and even received) valentines.
I think there even was some exchanges in Junior High.
For High School, ask ladyravn ;-)
Last year... there must have been something interesting-ish last year. I'd have to check my logs (for they keep memory sync-ed with this strange "date system" that people keep jabbering about. You know, the one with the days, months, years, shit like that?).

Oh, and for people not in the RIT community, check out my most recent post in the rit. Sorry about the lack of a permanent link, but I just can't get around to it.

I will leave y'all in the land of awake for awhile.


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