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First half of GateKeepers marathon was tasty.

Then saw Naruto ep 1-5 with B and codepoet. faboo and plate_of_felt only stayed for up to ep 3.

There was much tasty food delivered by the cooking peoples. Thank you B, faboo and Casey! Feelin' the happy tummy joy.

And I really think that Konoe from GateKeepers is really really hot. 'Cept for the inferiority complex, but that doesn't look good on anyone. (I'd provide a link, but I'm lazy/sleepy)

Crap, I have to get up way too early for the next half. Oh well.



Oh, and thanks to my friends. Its all fine and good to IM, but seeing y'all (even if its just for a minute, like Friday night with firewolfy) helps keep me on track and balanced.
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