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Regarding the post limiting being discussed in news:
I agree. LJ is a non-for-profit kind of thing. There are plenty of free users who use the service about 40x harder than I do, and I pay. However, 3 posts/day does seem a bit harsh to me. 4 or 5 is more reasonable. And I'm quite conflicted about the paid user limits. I mean, 20 posts is about 10 more than I could ever *dream* of doing (even with communities and such), but I don't like the idea that I'm getting limited in a service I paid for.

Anyways, back to physics. Oh, and zsparke, where art thou? I thought there was to be physicking. Anyways, I have to get *a*lot* more of this done before tomorrow, since I don't really feel like doing much of any of it between when I get out of modern and the due date at 1700 hrs.

Folding went well. 'Cept that codepoet and faboo both failed to show, or do their assignments. Naughty! Oh, and see if you guys can think of things for the Valentine's Day issue coming up next week.


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