October 1st, 2008


Delawanna post 12 of at least 5.

It seems we have a new artist inside the train shelter. Simple, direct block lettering seems to be the rule here. I guess we've gone from anarchists to narcisists.

My CyberSecurity class is still awesome. I think I might even have my paper idea already: a very old, but not yet heavily exploited cross-site forgery request that doesn't need anything fancy like JavaScript to help it work, just IMG tags will do.

I am very angry at my school. Back in August, I registered for 2 classes and 2 hours after I paid for them, they cancelled one. I emailed them asking when I'd see my money again. They said, 'The refund period begins Sept. 8.' So on Thursday I start wondering where my refund check in, so I ask again. Four days later, I get an email saying that they'll put in my request today and I'll get my check in about 2 weeks. Assuming instant depositing and crediting of said check, which isn't going to happen, it'll still be 2 days late for my credit card bill. I tried calling, but no luck.

Tao Antialiased

Cameron Frye

"I don't like this," Frye tells his charge. The mayor replies, "Even after all these years you don't like me running the show?"

"It's not that. We didn't vet this route. There are too many windows, too many alleys."

"Quit worrying. Remember when we were kids? It was safe enough then."

"Yeah, how can I forget the day I nearly gave my dad a coronary?"

"It was just a fucking car," disdain dripping from the mayor's lips.

Suddenly, Frye catches a flash, knocks the mayor down and feels the explosion pierce him before he hears it.

A 101-word story in reply to Rooney by xorphus on _anacrusis
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