September 16th, 2008


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I have accidentally destroyed my laptop's ability to boot. I hope my parents have a Vista install disc. Otherwise I'm stuck here without my computer. I had a relatively harmless BOOTMGR is missing error, but it seems I've destroyed even that. Very little of the data on the machine is irreplaceable, but it will be annoying, especially as it's one of my three alotted Spore installs. Which is a good game, by the way.

Computer woes and other miscellanea

Yep, I definitely borked my Windows install, and I'm pretty sure I know where and how I did it, but it's impossible to repair at this point. At this rate, I may just wipe my entire partition table, go buy Vista Ultimate at some online OEM store, and do it that way. Or I could just steal Erin's XP CD, but I don't know if Dell has XP drivers for my machine. I guess that can be my research project for the next few days.

Parking last night took me about an hour. Not so fun, but that's what Carroll Gardens parking is.

Sometimes while driving I am shocked at how intuitive it is. It becomes like my forms, where if I think about it while doing it, I think I'm doing everything wrong, and am about to fix it, when I realize I was doing the right thing the whole time, and the correction is the error. This seems to especially happen to me when I check my right mirror. No, I don't know why.

Also, driving for about 2 hours hurts my right knee, right below (not under) the kneecap. Does this happen to anyone else? When it happens to me, it feels like doing a quadriceps stretch would fix it, but it doesn't get fixed this way, just walking on it eventually works it out.