September 12th, 2008


Working for the weekend (cliche!)

This is a nice long tag. I forget what it says, but hopefully I'll be able to read it when I get home tonight (work blocks LJ's photo service, but nothing else from there).

Tomorrow my (privacy-aware) friend D. from RIT is coming to visit NYC for a few hours between his bus and his plane. Aside from offering him my shower, since he was just on an overnight bus ride, what do you suggest I show a quiet geekish guy from Texas who is only staying for like 9 hours and will need to get to LGA?

Also this weekend Erin may be heading to Saloncon, but not as a steampunker. I hope she can make it, as I think she'll have an awesome time. If she can't, I guess we'll try to have one :-)

I think my post yesterday got eaten. If that's so, I'll try to repost it at lunch today.

Time to go back to 'Salt: A World History'.