September 8th, 2008


A nice Oracle error for you

Isn't it lovely? Found a few months ago in Penn Station.

Time to be a fanboy: Dorian Spencer is now in the final 2 on NYC Soundtracks! Vote for him on
Voting continues through 8p tonight. Do it!

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Yesterday was a slow day filled with chores. Which is a good thing, especially as one of those chores was laundry, something that needed to be done pretty badly. Erin went with a friend of hers to a museum in Jersey, as she was expecting me to be working. I was going to work on Saturday, but our test got stuck on Friday in such a way that we needed Software's help to fix it, and all the relevant people had gone home for the weekend. I'm not sure what my benchmate did that night, but I know it had nothing to do with that test.

2 days to my birthday, and I still haven't got any plans made. So very lazy. Or busy. Or tired. I think I'll be working 2nd shift next week. That'll be interesting, for the variety, at least.


Thank you rainbow...

... For making the 'Waterfall' not so ugly. I took this photo while waiting for my first ZipCar last week. I still love Brooklyn and its many sights.

Work today was slow and plodding. We played with several known settings until our noses bled (metaphorically, my nose didn't bleed - this time) until someone from Software asked why something was set this way. I replied that I had no idea - I didn't set it, so that must be the system default. The Systems guy chimes in that it isn't the system default. The configuration file is checked to confirm that I didn't touch the setting. It does confirm this. Systems guy repeats himself.

I left them in that state while my benchmate started changing the file to their specifications. I hope that fixes the issue so we can finish our last witnessed test with a pass.

I'm heading to Howard's right now for class and I'm so glad I can make it to some more of his classes than I have been lately.

Erin got a red shirt that says 'Pancakes'. I did good!


Day 5

Doesn't look so bad even though I smashed it a little in practice tonight. I'm really impressed how much a strict regimen of taping is helping.

It hurts to touch the top of my toe tonight. I do not know if this is new as I've been following a hands-off policy thus far.