September 5th, 2008


Delawanna post 12 of at least 5

Please note the melted light. Also note that the light is still on, even after melting its casing.

Yesterday got better as the day went on. I finally got moved off the test I've been troubleshooting for a week, and we got to try a new one, AND quickly found the bug in the test plan that hopefully will allow us to pass it. If it has passed, there's a good chance we won't have to come in this weekend, because we've finished this round of testing. Or maybe we'll pick up another bench's, and hopefully finish that one today. The overtime pay is nice, but I'd like to get to TKD this weekend if I can.

Speaking of, I'm pretty sure I broke my toe yesterday in practice by landing funny during a jump in a form. Stupid carpeted room. I've splinted it because it's all nice and swollen and purple (that's what she said), but it doesn't hurt. I sent in a photo last night, but it hadn't posted by bed. I took some Advil last night to handle some of the swelling. I should do the same at work today.