September 3rd, 2008


What I didn't need yesterday

I did not need a message, signed 'US Govt' on my whiteboard in the lab criticizing my work ethic and negatively comparing me to my benchmate, while mocking my habits (tea, many meals, etc.).
I did not need a (accidentally) passive-agressive note from Erin over my Graffiti Wall (regarding my cleanliness habits).
But I especially did not need 3 different species of roach crawling around in the clean silverware drawer.

Needless to say I freaked a little, though I had enough presence of mind not to crush them into the utensils. All the utensils are now clean, including the ones I used for breakfast this morning. Turns out I do have time to do such things in the morning (I didn't think I did).

I feel bad for getting all wound up last night though. I yelled at Erin, which she totally didn't deserve. I couldn't sleep because I felt so angry and guilty (<4hrs). And tonight I'll be going to a free Dorian Spencer concert. I'm not very good at this sleep thing.