August 26th, 2008



Erin saw these at Ikea and said they reminded her of some tentacle monster. I don't remember which one.

I'm going to Stevens tonight for my first day of class actually on campus. Class starts at 615, so I'll have a bit of time to kill. Maybe I'll get my ID.

After that I'll be going to see The Dark Knight in IMAX w/ Howard and Pat. Luckily, the show starts at ten, so going to class will not impede my seeing the movie. It will, however, likely impede my sleep.

I mentioned yesterday that I'll be going to work early for the next few weeks thanks to The Customer being around to observe the test. This is a problem, as I am continuing my likely self-destructive late nights. Maybe I should restart the sleepy alarm and set it even earlier.


Night proposals

If I'm out, I should leave by 930p.
At home, I should re-institute the 10p sleepy alarm.

Should I do these on weekends, too? How badly will this kill my anemic social life? Is there any other way to deal with the new 540a wake up?