August 25th, 2008


Back from the mountaintop

The summer trip was excellent as usual. Actually, it went extremely smoothly, likely due to an increased number of upper belts in Howard's group, as well as a general aging of many of the kids.

I was very touched when Howard let me drive the 15-passenger van. There was much hilarity when we took a little private road thanks to a GPS system that had a touch of sadism. There were so many good times that it seems pointless to count.

The attached photo is from Middleburgh, one of the larger towns near Gilboa (everyone actually had cell service!).

Now I'm going to have to go to work early for the next few months, as The Customer is in town for our Big Final Test. And I need to pick up my ID because I forgot it as I often do after a vacation.


Delawanna post 10 of at least 5

It's a handful of pint glasses. In front of a school. An elementary school. Stay classy, Jersey.

Totally not ready for work today. Running supervised tests is the absolute worst. Everything moves so slowly, and I need to explain my every move, and I need to do everything as written. I'm really disliking it right now, but I'm guessing that has a lot to do with how very awesome TKD in the Mountains was. Work does not even begin to compare unfavorably.

I had one of my procedures put up for revision today. Not fun, because it's not something within my normal purview, and while I wrote it over 6 months ago, and asked for revisions at that time, now I have all these Senior people & The Customer asking me why I didn't do it correctly in the first place.

And I paid for school and not 4 hours later, one of the two classes was cancelled. Now Stevens just got a payment from me that is twice the size it should be.

Can I go back to the Mountains now? Or at least to bed?