August 13th, 2008


Jesus sheets

Found these on 6th Ave, near 34th street. They're delightfully incoherent. I forget what phone booth ads they were pasted over, but I think one was a trashy reality show.

My friend Andrew form TKD will be staying w/ me and Erin for a few days before the mountains trip, and for a few days after. It'll be nice to see him, but I think he'll be bored because both Erin and I work during the day.

I keep forgetting to bring MSI's If to work to rip it. Oh well. It's a pretty sweet album, as usual for them. Erin and I first listened to it while driving about on Saturday. I was worried I'd speed, but all went OK.

When I tried this 2-page posting method before, I noticed the 2nd page of text disappears, but both images are displayed, so that's how there are 2 photos here, instead of the normal 1.

Didn't bring a book today. Maybe I'll be able to do the extra posting required to free up some space on my phone. Any requests?



Dreamlog: Robbery gone bad

I was robbing some place with a bunch of guys, but while we were about to get out, I sensed something was wrong and fell to the back of the group. I think I tried to warn the other guys when I noticed one guy break off and reach into his pocket. I bolted and was around the corner before he could get off a shot. I heard other shots, presumably for the other guys, but he did begin shooting at me, but my range and evasiveness meant he didn't hit me.

Or at least he didn't hit me before I woke up, one minute before my alarm.

I blame the movie I caught some of that Chris was watching last night. I forget the title, but it was a black and white movie about some law students who devise a plan to rob a casino on Thanksgiving break. One of them is a Korean War vet, and one of them goes crazy, pulls a gun on them before they can start and forces all of them to do the plan and give him the money. There's a shootout in a robotic parking garage. It was on TMC last night.

Pic entirely unrelated.