August 11th, 2008


New-ish subway stickers

These started showing up a while ago, and when they did, I thought they were unofficial, but now I see them on every car, and placed in the same locations. I wonder what they mean.

I have an incredible backlog of photos right now, and I hope to upload most of them this week before I go up to the mountains, because once I'm up there, I hope to send some photos from there. Does anyone have any requests for photos you'd like me to take up there?

This is an exciting week. A friend from TKD is coming to stay with me on Wednesday, there's a party on Friday, and Saturday is the beginning of TKD in the Mountains. And I actually got a reasonable amount of sleep last night. This Monday might just turn out alright. But I do have some major work to accomplish the moment I walk in the door. I can't decide if that is good or bad.


Massive fly is massive!

There isn't much more to say about the photo than the subject line.

Loud drums are about to start here on the train. They, strangely enough, are loud.

Overall a good day, well outside of work. Did the shopping I needed to do, got a Zipcard, and had a nice dinner with my family. My trains leaving Jersey, however, were extremely delayed, so I missed practice w/ Howard.

Work was a problem thanks to the two blackouts we had. All our test equipment rebooted, as did all the relevant network hardware, so not only were our stations screwed up, but we couldn't even surf the web to entertain ourselves while we waited, fruitlessly for the situation to improve.