August 8th, 2008


Manly pink tag

Found at the 125th St. Station. I like the contrast between the green and the pink, and between the pink and the font, and between the pink and the text. I've gotta get better at reading graf, though. I can read the tag line easily, but not the tag itself.

Yesterday, my professor canceled class, so I was able to run home and go to TKD at Fordham. Which was great, as usual.

Howard had his knee surgery yesterday, and I hear from Pat that he's doing well, so that's good. This procedure is so minor he expects to be able to have class on Saturday and Sunday. I hope so, too.

This week at work, we're passing lots of tests, which is good. 2 weeks ago we had very little motion, and both Test and Software were being criticised for not communicating. Nothing's changed, just the build we've got now is worlds better than what we've been having. Starting this afternoon, we'll be building the meta-bench, mark 2. Exciting days to come, indeed!


Boom! Headshot!

Subject explains it all. I took the photo to send to Erin before I realized I didn't need one to send a picture message. Now if phone calls don't work, I send an MMS to her gmail account. Exciting, no?

Off to bed soon! Then an exciting Saturday followed by a worky Sunday.