July 17th, 2008


Fans helping fans

Weekends are, as we know, made for construction by the MTA. It appears that some Yankee fans with some crayons decided to help the bridge-and-tunnel set figure out how to get to the game this past weekend. The other sign is usually there when there's construction, so I think that's done by the attendant. Found in Penn Station.

Did some needed housework yesterday. My problem with a lot of housework, like dishes, for example, is that I'll do a good amount of work, but the sink will still be nigh-unusable, which makes me feel like I'm wasting my time. If doing the work provides no benefit, why am I doing it? Why am I stressing over it not being done if doing it accomplishes no measurable good?

Tonight Tom comes in and tomorrow is HOPE. So a busy weekend is ahead of me. I hope to see Batman, but I'm not expecting it...



My mom's going back to the hospital tomorrow. They are unhappy with the lack of progress made on the oral antibiotics, so she'll be going back in for a week or two for the IV. I'm worried, but I have faith she'll beat this soon.

Looks like an icky night. At least Tom's coming soon. And now I don't think there'll be anything relevant to our business at HOPE, which makes me feel a little guilty for taking it as training, but that's what my boss told me to do. (I guess that's a problem with defense, your problems are rather esoteric and not exactly discussed often.)