July 16th, 2008


The undiscovered country

I've always been amused by the depiction of NJ as some black continent, 'Here There Be Monsters,' or something.

I am running late today, and skipped the pushups because I had trouble getting up. I need to remember to sleep more. Also, there are other things I need to remember, but I'm forgetful. I'll also be skipping practice tonight thanks to both laziness and the need to do some errands.

School is ok thus far. It's a little slow right now, and that's ok - I like that something is slow right now. It doesn't help that I go right after work. I get really sleepy then.

I've been so sleepy the past few days. I blame the not sleeping enough, along with my cup of tea habit. Well, at least all the things I'm going to do tonight will either be at or close to home. I might just get some sleep tonight.

Everyone's excited about Batman, right? I'm not sure when I'll be able to make it, maybe Wednesday?