June 4th, 2008


Delawanna post 8 of at least 5

It's a flower. Aren't you glad its a flower? This looks like a different style than our favorite proto-anarchists, who recently scrawled 'Live Free, Die Free,' on another bench, but I could be wrong. Maybe one of them has a new girlfriend or something.

I've been finding 'The Portable Atheist' rather slow going. Part of it is my natural bias against non-fiction, and part of it is the flowery prose of the Enlightenment. But the biggest part is annoyance is with sound bitey authors like Marx. He constantly does things like, 'It is not the A B, but rather the B A!' Granted, this provides a lot of catchy, punchy lines, but for this to go on for 8 pages of ranting about the 'German Situation' (which our editor has completely failed to tell up about) gets a little tiresome. The later 19th century is more bearable, and I took a quick trip to the 21st, just to take a rest, so I should be ok from here on in.

Erin and I did a knife skills class last night. I now feel much more able to cut stuff