May 15th, 2008


Delawanna post 4 of at least 5

Thanks for the weather report, guys.

22574 steps since Wednesday, 930a. I'm pretty pleased. In other exercise news, I'll be running Pat's Fordham class, as he'll be doing security for Bay Ridge Prep's 'prom'.

Lately I've been having some lovely ear/throat irritation consistent w/ my allergies. So it must be spring, right?

This weekend, Erin & I will be going to PA for Tom's wedding. That promises to be a good time.


Graffiti should be legal

Found from my old phone's photos that were backed up. Photo taken on 60 and Columbus.

What would happen if graffiti was legal?

Just glad to be off a series of annoying trains. Both NJ Transit trains had drunk middle aged people acting like children & they appeared pleased that they were. The 1 had a dude w/ a high, affected voice and a girl both clearly still in HS going loudly over the minutia of socializing.

Got me some new books so y'all may be getting fewer posts shortly...