March 12th, 2008


"Everything is great"

So I've had a severe sore throat since Monday. Stayed out of work since then, too, trying to rest and recover. The sore throat pain has remained constant. While resting I have accomplished:
  • Going to see The Bank Job with shoujo_mallet
  • Unlocking all the hidden characters in Super Smash Brothers Brawl
  • Bought several useful things for the apartment (cable staples &c.)
  • Did the dishes once or twice
  • Did the laundry
It seems that I may have a problem with simply resting anymore. Yesterday I tried to set up an appointment with my doctor to see what he could do, but he's away on vacation. So today I'll be calling his office back and asking what it is I should do/who I should contact. But his office doesn't open till 9a.
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    Brad Sucks - Everything is Great
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