August 27th, 2007


Voice Post: Lemme call you!

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“Somebody may already know that when I just get off work at around five o'clock. I was just calling somebody there I got to make the reconnection with the real world after dealing with the radios all day. Leave a comment below and I'll give you a call, too. Email me at my user name at LiveJournal dot com and I'll get it and we can chat but not today. Today I have a final but any other time. Talk to you later. Bye.

[Please note, this transcription is not literal, but strives for the meaning I was trying, horribly, to convey.]”

Transcribed by: xoder

Voice Post:

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“Today went another leaning hour of the test that I thoroughly bombed but with any luck it's the last one I'll ever have to take. I don't understand why, oh no, I don't understand matrices, I try. They're very interesting and the problems you can solve with them easily. They're oh so lovely but realistically computers are made for this and I don't know, it was clearly a mathematics test. It was, you know, prove this, you know this thing would might not be down only the axiom on the my studies because well I thought I was going to have to solve a problem with that Axiom, nah prove it. ___ you know what I mean. Just kinda annoying. Well anyways, worst case scenario I get a C in the class. I get a C in the class and I'm only out $3000. I get a B or better, then it's free. Fun magic isn't that?”

Transcribed by: zandperl