June 29th, 2007


Wow, not only is my test broken, again, but I'm angry about something else, too!

I have another post I'm working on, but I wanted to say "FUCK" in a lovely bit of impotent anger.

I realize that it's stupid to be angry about this because I cannot fix it, and I didn't cause it, but it affects me.

I realize this is incoherent to most of you, and for that I apologize.

I'm simply furious—a word I don't use often—that I cannot provide a workable solution, and I'm just getting sick of it.

I need to stop being useless at work by obsessing over this and instead fix my own shit here.
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So I'm getting a new nearly sub-notebook in a few days. It comes with Vista, which I'll be keeping on it, just in case Spore ever actually comes out, but the rest of the time, I'll be using Linux. The laptop will have WiFi and Bluetooth, and I've found that there are very few good graphical programs for managing either, and all only work in the major Desktop Environments (KDE and Gnome). So, even though I'm getting used to Gnome at work (thanks Fedora Core, in your RPM muck), I'm thinking of going the KDE route. And I'm thinking, therefore, of going with Kubuntu for no-configuration Debian-derivative joy. However, I am very open to whichever distro can make suspend-to-disk easy and work with most (preferably my) laptops. Any suggestions? I have experience with Slackware, Gentoo (most recently and most in-depth), and a little bit of Debian. Sabayon (and the fact that it's Gentoo-derived) interests me, but I'm concerned the stock Intel video card will not be up to the task. I suppose for that last bit I can try the live CD out.

Webcomic overdose!

They're doing work on my test bench at work so I cannot perform any more tests at this time...

∴ webcomics!

I read all of Perry Bible Fellowship again, and just now, a softer world. The latter is usually far too pretentious for my taste, but these two comics are interesting to me for some reasons that you should know: a giant overthrowing the paradigm.

The consequence is that I tend to look at my IMs and forming them into weird pseudo-poetic things in the same style as ASW:
"Be good to yourself"
she says.
But all I want
is for others to
follow her advice