May 30th, 2007

Crying Penguin

Goddamn shitty cheap machines and their "Ha! You thought you clicked!"

Erin hit most of the major points I wanted to discuss. I've been enjoying navigating a new subway system, but I'd like more interconnections, please.

As Erin says, internet has been few and far between, but survivable, when we get it. So long as I keep typing correctly with a QWERTZ keyboard...

Oh, how I love that I can ensure my home machine stays up to date via Java SSH applets.

Erin's both better and more dedicated at learning German, but I'm usually better at figuring pronounciation than she.

Here at the Internet Cafe, we're limited to IE on ancient NT machines that apparently don't like it when you try to switch to IE windows that have not finished loading yet. Also just about every screen is fuzzy with what I presume is 50 Hz noise. But it is better than all the hotspots that don't work.

We both miss 24-hour transit.

See y'all later!