July 10th, 2005


Dreamlog: faboo and I in NYC

So, faboo and I were travelling by Subway somewhere to a station that kinda reminds me of the Borough Hall station, but not quite. We got separated and met in a sit-down area (maybe Grand Central). I knew we were on vacation from something. faboo is sitting at a table for four, and as I attempt to join him, a woman in a sky blue pantsuit tells me that I cannot sit there, and as we are both submissive, could we both please sit over here. I try to look at faboo, but before I do, she says my name, and glances over to her partner, who I don't see, but I can feel them behind me. She knows we're in town to see a concert.

Cut back to me changing some applicaion for vacation to all "W"s to prevent this event happening.

[I guess I realize that is all ridiculous and so...]

Cut forward to me running, and calling charleniehead on my cell, trying to figure out a place to meet that I can describe by reference to our past when they weren't watching me, so I refer to the Brooklyn Museum by way of the night we both went there.

[Wake up.]