May 25th, 2005

New License

Day three, whee

So, I have more pictures at my Paris gallery on scrapbook...

Me and the Tower Me and the Tower

See, its only about a meter taller than me. Note the Paris 2012 sign on the Tower.

I wrote some stuff last night on the Metro, so I'll be using it as source material for whatever's coming next.

Had work. Nothing particularly interesting, however Chinese food in France is different, yet tasty.

After work headed down to Palais de Chaillot to see the fountains and the Eiffel Tower again. Funny that it seems to be my central focus. This time at the Tower, I actually put down the 10.70€ to get to the very top (not just the second level like last time (but this time, I took the luxurious elevator)). I picked a good time to get there too, as it only took about 10 minutes to get all the way up. I stayed up there until sundown (hours, I tell you!). It was beautiful.

There are a ton of foreign tourists here. Like New York, but more so. I can spot the Americans from a mile off, with their Khakis and their complete lack of street-smarts (was your head built on top?).

Went to see the little Statue of Liberty. Very interesting to see. I wanted to say a few words to her, but I felt the fishermen would be annoyed by my prattling on about US politics—especially since France is so worked up about the EU Constitution now. Something like: "The money made here says, 'Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.' Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood. Where I come from, the money says, 'In God We Trust,' with 'Liberty' almost as a footnote. That worries me."

Sorry about that sudden political turn.

On another tack, this trip is quite unusual and new for me. This is the first time I've left North America. It's the first time I've needed and used a passport, the first time I've really, truly travelled alone, and got myself out to do my own style of sight-seeing. I never go out with a plan, per se, but I always go out with a camera, and my guidebook to get me home again.

Funny: Even in Paris, the subway feels welcoming.

This has been fun. Welcome to Wednesday.
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Interesting habits of the French, part 2 of n

  • Eat their pizza with a knife and fork. Which makes actual sense seeing as how they pies do not come pre-cut.
    • At least they make thin-crust pizza, like a sane bunch.
  • Change their passwords on Wednesdays (this door code I was told, before I could shoulder-surf)
  • Believe that Quebecois are both more French (the accent) and less French (the way of life) than the French.
I had a longer list in my head...
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Flim-flam men are rather noisome

Today there was work. Had pizza for lunch. Wrote out the postcards I'm sending, but didn't get to send them after work due to telephone call. But it's all OK. I'll send them tomorrow after lunch, or something. Next to no one gave me their address, so I just wrote up two, and that will be that, so there :-P

After work, I went to Montmartre. I wandered in the general direction of Sacre Cœur. It is large, pretty, and most importantly, on a big hill. Montmartre is the historical home of artists, and I had hoped to go to some of their museums. They all close at 18h, of course, so that was not feasible. Still, a very pretty section of town. It's very old, and has few cars driving it because of the crowds and the cobblestones. [Erin, you may wish to skip over this next bit because I know it may make you envious.] I had dinner at a Creperie that was also a piano bar. [Erin, you can come back now.] Dinner, therefore, was wonderful and delicious.

Walked down the mountain to find Moulin Rouge. I did. Took photos, and returned to the hotel. I was rather tired and I'd like to get slightly more sleep than I've been getting lately (~5hrs, thanks RIT for fucking with me biologically as well. Also, should I send you my dermatologist bills?). I'll finish up this entry, and then label the photos and head to bed. Maybe watch a little BBC World naked, as it is quite warm in Paris today.

Bon soir
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