October 31st, 2003


Productivity Hurts

This was a productive week:
  • the GDT fundraiser raised nearly $200
  • I finished my C++ project
  • I did my My Own Private Idaho presentation, which the interpreters said rocked.
  • I bought a WiFi card off codepoet
  • I went to a Women's Center presentation essentially inspired by this issue

Needless to say, I'm tired. So incredibly tired. Going to fall down and die tired.

But I will make it to practice. Anyways, more likely than not, no one will be there. faboo is going with plate_of_felt to a KMDFM concert. James hasn't been willing to do practice in a while and Mufie's been fasting, so she might take tonight off, who knows?

I've really been wanting to write a nice, long solid entry, but just have been either too busy or too tired to do so.

I downloaded Doom. Gotta love it. The laptop is well suited for it.

Right now I'm using Knoppix because it knows more about my WiFi card than I do. Although I think I now know enough to make the necessary modules, so that's good.

I've got to be careful not to over drain my battery with these current exploits of mine, so I have enough power to go to the party tomorrow and edit the script I'm supposed to edit for Shakespeare class.

And I got an interview

Never let it be said that the career fair is useless. Cannon Design (the folks doing the field house) wants to see me. They have offices all over the US (and one in Canada I think), like Buffalo and NYC. It'd be real convenient to work in NYC. Real Convenient.

If any of this has made any sense, either I deserve 20 bonus points or you should go to bed.

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