October 28th, 2003


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This search is a neat search. Want to know it for you? Replace the frouser bit. Free users cannot do this.

The issue this week is 12 pages. So we cut back the print run. I hate doing that so much.

The fundraiser is tomorrow. This means I need to wake up early. If we don't get at least ¾ of the cost of one issue, heads will roll.

I just keep having this feeling that I've actually got something important and/or interesting to say, and then I get very disappointed in my entries.

Things seem to be taking a short break from happening to let me think about them happening. I'm not used to going so slowly. I am eager to finish this quarter.

Anyways, I should head to C++ class.
When you die
they make a list
of every love
you never kissed,
of each regret
and each mistake
every choice you
failed to make
Barenaked Ladies - Next Time
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