October 26th, 2003

A DeLorean?!?

codepoet is shopping at me

So I've been busy, in case you haven't noticed.

First things first, could someone please take the jpegs in this and turn it into an animated gif. I have software that takes gifs and sticks them together, but I don't really have anything that coonverts my jpegs into gifs. You will notice that they are sized just right for an LJ icon, and that is their intended purpose. Even if the file you send me is bigger than LJ's requirements, I have an optimizer, and that might just be enough.
Thanks in advance.

Had a fun weekend, and now I must do the work. After I eat and get some reading/editting done.

And on another note: often I feel like I have no idea how appropriate my behavior is. Sometimes I just do things because it somehow feels, not right, but what is supposed to happen. Of course, I have no real clue on what is supposed to happen, mostly because no such thing exists, and partly because I'm not too well-aquainted with "normal" societal norms. The latter is caused mostly by my recent solitarity (is this a word?), and partly by my decidedly non-normal friends from HS (this is not a bad thing, of course, and in fact, my friends are the best things that happened to me in HS).
Therefore I often live with fear questioning whether or not I have just ruined a frienship or insulted someone or something like that.

Of course, worrying does me no good at all. And I can truthfully say that I take back nothing of what I've said and done. Things can be no way but the way they are, right?

off to breakfast and then shower and then work

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