October 8th, 2003

Burning Man

Death In A Tissue

So, now thanks to ljcharm, I'm posting using vim. faboo will be so jealous.

And I think its official, I am sick. My nose is drippy, my throat sore. My ears are clogged up to the point where I'm shouting all the time. This sucks. I hate being sick.

And folding's tomorrow. Perhaps the extra time to sleep will do me well. I can always hope so.

Anyways, I should probably head to bed earlier rather than later.

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The death still sits within me. It's probably just a cold, but it still annoys me, because I don't like being sick. Not at all. I'm just not used to it (although I don't really know to what degree I could get used to it).

Folding is tonight. I like folding. There's an insert, and therefore 10 pages, so the run is back down to 700.

I need to finish my work, and then we'll talk about other stuff.

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