October 2nd, 2003

Burning Man

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And while I know its a little late, I still want to wish orangecream a very happy birthday.

And therefore, in other news, I'm an insensitive clod.
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Don't Copy It

So I'm all buzzing. I blame the Mountain W and the dnL I had just a few moments ago.

B's here. She's nifty and I help her with Excel.

Getting annoyed at self for being so fucking useless and mediocre. And not caring.

I'm so frustrated and beyond tired to the point of giving up on just about everything.

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Burning Man

For C.:

(02:22:14) Me: so what am I supposed to do when I forget someone's birthday
(02:22:19) Me: and they are really angry at me for it?
(02:22:51) faboo: give them head
(02:23:02) faboo: at least they'd like you more
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