January 21st, 2003


Link-farming (From froogle)


The first seems most interesting. The second seems like there might be compatibility issues when I bring it over to the GNU-ness, and the third seems big and thick.

None have the integrated NIC. But the first one has a nice system (and I can get it shipped sans-OS), in that I can order the case/nic/modem(?) if I want to separately, directly from them, with a modicum of guarantee that they would work well together.
So the first is really, really intriguing. To get all the options that I'd want out of it, I'd go over my initial budget for the box itself, but I was expecting to do that anyways. It could be very very shiny. Especially with the big hard drive and some GNU OS running free on it. ;-)

And now, I will ponder how to resize /usr and /home without causing problems (since parted is (I think) on /usr, this could get very interesting). (Correct me if I'm wrong, I've been known to be quite baka.)

Anyways, I will read from now until time for meeting.

Then I think I will run dorm-side to see people, so, to those who might see, read it now!


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