July 15th, 2002


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Stupid old politicians: http://msn.com.com/2100-1104-943153.html

Work. Pool. Didn't run the whole time, b/c nearly no one showed up at the SGBC. Left at 6, not 8. Much enjoyed the little morons playing [Hybrid Theory] by Linkin Park. Of course, I only think they're morons because they simply flock together, ignoring the instructions of me and my collegues.

What else? To those who are interested, I walked home from quietpsycho's.

Neet thing: Place this:
<a href="javascript:if (window.print != null) { window.print(); } else { alert('Unfortunately, your browser does not support this shortcut. Please select Print from the File menu.'); }">Link for printing</a>

Into any HTML page (including your LJ) to make thingie print. Gotta love what you can nick off of other sites. I know it works on NS6 (so therefore Mozilla, one should think), and if it doesn't work on MSIE, then I doubt that ZDNet would use it (especially since I linked to it through msn.com).

And I deposited my first TKD check of the season. Luvly.

And Howard is incommunicado. Where is that boy!? I wanna have a summer session! And I wanna know about thingies re: TKD in the Mountains!!!

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Day Off today!

Like a real one.

I drove. From home, to home. Thats a first.

Saw Metropolis (dubbed). Not bad. Not that great, either. Loved the soundtrack though.

Returned some books I had finished to the library.

Vacuumed the room.

Aren't I exciting?

But seriously, I needed this day off, from almost everything, so I could want to get back to work again. There's only so much non-stop movement I can take. So now I'm good till TKD in the Mountains. Of course, it'd be nice if I could get in touch with Howard for the fine details about going up there. I think I'll email him soon.

So, yeah... I guess thats about all I got.

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