June 6th, 2002



Today. Apparently it was raining. They called me, and told me to call them back later, but not to come in at normal time. So, I called them later, at 11, and they said that there was one person in the club. So dead. No lifeguards needed.

So, today became TKD day.
Well, after I finished The Trigger (see yesterday's entry), of course.
The Trevor Day School (lower) had a Demonstration and Promotion Test. It was an amazing thing. Howard said the whole school moved up a belt level. It really made all their days. The little purple belts did some board breaking, and the brown belts too. Nick was able to come with me, and he did a break as well.
It was definately worth more than anything to see those kids moving up in the organization. It was amazing.

Then I rushed over to Mike's practice. He had to rush there too, because he was up at Trevor Day as well.
It has been a very long time since I've worked myself that hard.
Feels good.

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The E-flat Minors

Thats the name of the chamber group my brother's in. He seems to like it. They were pretty good. Never seen a self-conducting group before. They had a few tricky things with it before, but got it underway once they all agreed on who was conducting.

No work today. So boring. Devouring books too stay sane. Finished the third book in this series by Terry Brooks that i really like. The series doesn't have a name, but its a contemporary fantasy series, which I really like. The end is quite shocking, though. I hope this doesn't mean he's killing the series.

Went to the Compleat Strategist. They said they were all out of go supplies, but will have a new shipment by the end of the month.

All this not working is getting to be very annoying. I want my $$$$$$. Sorry, thats really the only reason to do it (other than to do it well, and i do it better than any of the others there...), and thats what I want.

I hope everyone had a good Brooklyn-Queens day!

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