October 31st, 2001


Today... so far

Well this wasn't such a great day. I set my alarm, but forgot to turn it on, so I failed to get to EE seminar. Crap.
Still, I made it to Calc and Chem. I got my Chem exam II grade back. 77, thats a B according to his Canadian grading sytem. Not too bad.

Lets see... I have to go get my timecards filled out for Reporter. Fun. No, not really.

Otherwise, I'm just stupid today.

Dunno why.

I feel mentally tired from trying to argue that Heaven is not a universal "carrot" in the classic carrot vs. stick argument. Bob thinks we are inherrantly evil. I think we are inherrantly good, but too dumb to know the difference.

Ahh well. Nothing interesting going on here.


LJ is completely down, I wanted to post this at about 2:30PM EST, but it doesn't want me to do that. I'm keeping a Netscape window open and refreshing every once in awhile so I know when to post.

Just reading White Wolf's Website about Trinity stuff. LJ is still down, its now 3pm.

Just found out, it was a power problem @ LJ so they are now rebooting to make sure all is okay. It is now 3:57pm

Its now 5:11pm, in theory I should be able to post now... but if I can't, there'll be more lines....

trying again at 7:04

tried again at 7:57

trying again at 10:52

trying again at 11:33

trying again at 11:38

trying again at 12:08
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3 minute entry

Why, might you ask, is this a 3 minute entry? because i started at 11:51 and I want to post be4 midnight.

So today:
I went to all 2 of my classes.
There was a party on my floor. I went as the man with his head and feet on backwards. Anthony and Eric were the Spartan cheerleaders from SNL, quite funny. Some other cool costumes.

I still feel like I'm generally getting nowhere with ladies, but its oaky seeing as how i have decent friends otherwise. Or at least I keep telling myself that.
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