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Helping Ben RICH [Sorry, dude, my brain is incapable of the name thing [Update, 1/25 3:28p]] with his Linuxing was interesting. We made a lot of progress. W00t for MPlayer! Although, it would have been nice to get GTK+ installed, but so many dependencies and it was getting late.

I am large and detrimental to several things often.

The ride was okay, except for the fact that I was way over hydrated for a ~3 hour trip. But the mint cookies brought joy to the entire car.

The network around here is so shitty. If ResNet was this bad, I swear, there'd be riots. Guys shielding themselves from the sun, throwing pop-tarts and Red Bull cans at people until the 'Net came back up.

Dr. Tom's Leather is highly nifty. And Andy Creegan is their producer. What is with Canada producing all the nifty music? Rock on Canada!


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