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My brain says FuriKuri is for breakingness.
Like with a guitar on my head making giant robots come in from another dimension.

Aldi has a reputation here as being cheaper than Wegman's. If it can do that, and give me good food, then Weggy's will be forced to lose my business.

I'm using this rip script to handle my OGGing. Nifty. Just gonna do it CD by CD, through my entire music collection. Hopefully I won't fill up /mnt/shared/music , nee?

I don't really have anything to write. Still working on the Naked piece. Maybe. Its nice that OOo is working right. Finally. Stupid non-standard installation method.

Wine's working again. But never twice in a row for DC++. Why doesn't the folks at collegedrinker allow me to connect with dc_gui? The world may never know.

Away I go.


Also, it is interesting. It is interesting to see how decisions made by others can come to affect me. And how my reactions do not cast me in a very good light. Not at all.
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