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Stuff, things, and more!

So, back in Rochester I am. Yes.

Snowed yesterday. Facilities Management (I still think Physical Plant is so much cooler of a name, even if the new name is more functionality-based) still haven't cleaned it up properly. Some very threatening icicles outside my building's door came down without harming anyone.

I'm about to go talk with my advisor about co-op, and I don't have the slightest idea where to even start thinking about such things. Which is bad because I need to deal with the issue soon. Because I probably am going to be registered by my department for co-op very soon. And I won't let them until Summer Quarter. So poo to them. I'm only a bloody second-year, I don't care what your computers say.

Speaking of which... going to check my finals schedule now...
WTF? How can Honors Intro to Engineering have a final? What have they taught us that they can test? BLOODY MONKEYS I SAY! And not only that, but its at the same time as my Intro to Modern Physics final.
5 two hour finals. Joy. Well, at least only one of them (Science and Religion) is at 8 in the morning.
The way this sched is set up, I have 2 finals on each Monday and Tuesday. And then one on Friday. That's real fucked up.


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