Peter (xoder) wrote,

"Something that could have been brought to my attention *yesterday*" -- "Adam Sandler"

Bugger bugger bugger.

No license for me. Nope. No one told me that my prelicensing certificate was only valid for two years. Nope. No one.

Now I have to go take a 5 hour class. Whenever I have time for it.

And we all know I'm stupid and am really way too skilled at hurting people to be allowed to be close to anyone. This, along with my banality makes me wonder if I can successfully do anything, let alone have relationships with people.

Sorry about the bitchy post. At least the computer boots now. Just let it sit for ahwile, thinking about what its done. It listened to reason. There was the other problem that I tried to to a backup onto another partition, so the partitions were resized, and now C has only 3.xx GB free, rather than 18.xx.

And back to the other pole of my concerns, I seem to be a callous ass. In fact, one might wonder if I'm actually worse than that. I wouldn't be surprised if I was.

I should go clean my room.

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