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So, just after I got used to writing 2002 on everything, the calendar goes and fixes things on me.

So, I'm bloody boring. Mark and his ex Erica are so very very much more interesting and creative than myself. They create entire worlds several times over. Me? I have enough trouble pretending to tell real life stories for GDT on a semi-regular basis. So, aside from my boringness, I don't really know how much later I will stay here, due to the fact that I need to remain medicated, and I will need to sleep at some point, which will require a trip home.

Happy New Year, everybody.

Oh, and no "resolutions" mainly because, I post the query, What makes the New Year so special that you can only start anew immediately after it?

Expect from me more of the same this year. Sorry, but I will sill be the same ol' same ol' loser.


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