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Christmas Eve -- Da' Loot

So far, finally got the yummy shower playing CD player I've wanted for about 5 years. Wheee! And an itty bitty CD wallet. So I want to hear from the people who are going to Ohio what movies they might want to see of mine?
I also got some pijamas that shouldn't fit but do.

But aside from the loot, it was really nice to see the family again. Kelsey's getting so big. I can play-fight with her without feeling that I'm going to break her. Casey's even more addicted to the Internet than I am, and she TIPES lik a Tineeebopper <3 !!111!!!!1!!1! Although she taught me an interesting 'Net acronym: HAKS == Hugs and Kisses.

As Nick says, "Yo, I'm just gonna' chill in my crib and get some mad tight loot, yo."

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